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Wellbeing in the workplace

According to research by the CBI, almost one in three people want their employer to improve their employee wellbeing and mental health support, with three-quarters of Gen Z saying it is vital for their employer to promote their wellbeing.

So, given that your employees are the backbone of your business, promoting total wellbeing at work makes sense. And yoga could be part of the solution.

Yoga at Work

Having your employees' back

At Annabel Yoga I offer a range of accessible yoga options for businesses of all sizes.  From face-to-face group classes in your conference or meeting room to online sessions that employees can access from work or home from anywhere in the world. No matter the time or place, there really is something for everyone.

How can yoga help your organisation?

The physical, mental and emotional health benefits of yoga to an individual are wide and varied. And it is equally beneficial when applied in a business context.  Which is great news as you will want to make sure you are getting a good return on your investment.

But don't just take my word for it. According to a 2021 CBI study, for every £1 employees invest in mental health (an area in which Yoga is accepted to bring benefits) they get £5 back.

"Just wanted to let you know that I have noticed how much your yoga has helped me. Especially within my nursing, making me realise when to breathe and also in general just having an amazing and positive outlook on everything.

Although I'm not stress or anxiety free (impossible I know) I feel like yoga has helped me manage it so much better.

So yes just a big thank you as I have noticed how calm I am in stressful situations recently!"

Rachel, NHS

The same research reveals that businesses which invest in their employees' mental health have staff that are up to 12% more productive.

With 72 million working days lost a year to ill mental health, which costs the UK economy £99 billion, it's never been more important to take a proactive approach to the mental health and wellbeing of your employees.

Introducing some zen into the workplace can also:

     ✓ Help employees reclaim a better work-life balance

     ✓ Boost morale

     ✓ Attract better talent – this comes after 61% of workers say the

         way employees treat their staff is the single most important

         factor influencing their perception of a business

     ✓ Guard against productivity slumps

     ✓ Reduce employee absenteeism

     ✓ Help your businesses hit its corporate responsibility goals

All of which can have a huge impact on your organisation's bottom line and its productivity.

So, how does it work?

Ideally sessions are booked in blocks of 10.  This gives people enough time to see their strength and/or flexibility improve and to feel the wellbeing benefits.

The format can be very flexible – you may want to keep it exclusive to employees of your organisation.  And that's fine.  I've seen sessions have a very positive impact on team cohesion.  Both at the time and as part of the general water cooler chat.

Or you may prefer to buy slots on an online session – that can either be exclusive to your firm or open to a wider group.  

Throughout each and every session, I incorporate elements of mindfulness, embodiment and personal development. Every class includes ways in which staff can increase their resilience and wellbeing, both physical and mentally. This in turn helps your colleagues to feel relaxed, recharged and reenergised – ready for whatever the working day throws at them.

Prices are dependent on requirements. But for a specific quote, I'd be happy to discuss, so please do get in touch.

Annabel Yoga is suitable for all ages and capabilities.  I can make the sessions as dynamic or gentle as required and can offer modifications to the moves to take account of different abilities or any injuries within a group.  

What do other businesses have to say?

Ready to bridge the gap between wellbeing and the workplace?

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"I'd never done instructor led yoga until Annabel's lunchtime classes during lockdown 3 and I'd struggled to feel the benefit I knew yoga could give me. Enter Annabel and all that changed. She has revolutionised my life; I stand taller, walk better, feel better and smile more. To be able to teach on video, 80+ people each session, and make a difference to even one of those 80+ people is a real testament to her understanding of yoga and how to teach it."

Claire Wessels, CGI

"Annabel tailored her yoga sessions for the staff at Cluttons, which was received very well by all who attended. I received lots of positive comments. The online sessions enabled more staff to join and the targeted neck and back exercises helped us all, who are spending a long time sitting in front of a screen during this pandemic. Holding a series of yoga sessions as part of Cluttons 'wellness for staff' initiative has made a positive difference."

Philip Booth, Cluttons