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"The weekly Yoga session provides a rare window of opportunity to relax in our busy lives, and to loosen and stretch our bodies that have probably been sitting far too long at our desks. Annabel's classes are suitable for all, and you really do leave with a wonderful sense of well-being.”

Keith Smith, CGI

“At the start of every class Annabel talks to us and asks about our mood and energy levels as well as what we want to achieve in this class.  Annabel then tailors each week's class to the need of each individual by providing movements that energise and strengthen for differing student abilities.  Annabel always provides us with homework which is anything from a yoga move to a life lesson that we can practice daily.  Annabel has an amazing ability to communicate.  I have been attending yoga or pilates classes since my 20's, I am now in my 50's and this is the best class I've attended.”   Jan, KBR

“Thanks for the brilliant classes.  I've really enjoyed them, and they helped no end with getting me back to full fitness.  You helped me get active again.”

David Forey on Annabel Yoga for Logica UK

David was recovering from triple fractures to his pelvis and from fractures to his sacrum, a metacarpal and a rib, along with a torn rotator cuff.

Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace

The benefits of yoga at work include:

     increased productivity

     improved problem-solving ability

     ability to stay cool under pressure

     improved immune system

     reduced sickness absence

     greater emotional resilience

     help with musculoskeletal disorders (eg back pain)

     help with managing stress, depression & anxiety

“Since joining yoga classes almost a year ago I have experienced a whole new feeling of well-being.

Before that I was experiencing migraines on a regular basis, lower back pain and heavy shooting pains in my right leg, making walking a painful experience.  I felt really low and thought this is it things can only get worse from here.  I actually thought I was having a physical body breakdown.  I have had at least 3 lots of physiotherapy since then and each time it was suggested that I take up yoga.  One physiotherapist went as far as sitting me down with her and surfing the internet looking for yoga classes in my area before I actually found out they ran the yoga classes at my place of work.  Many of the exercises the physiotherapists suggested were exercises I became familiar with in my yoga class.  My understanding of yoga then was very limited and I thought of yoga as people chanting and/or sitting quietly and meditating and sometimes getting themselves into complicated body poses.  I had no idea of the true benefits of yoga which I am experiencing now.

Yoga is so many things for me but it is mostly an experience which has taught me how easy it is to be in tune with my body and to be able to rest my mind.  After a session of yoga my body feels stronger, lighter and brighter – really up beat – and I feel happy even if I was really stressed before the session. I have learnt that the most basic movements in yoga can instantly lift my mind and body.  I’m always amazed how simple yoga acts can be done anywhere, anytime, without drawing attention to myself but easing pain and tiredness.  There are now fewer trips to the doctor and none to the physiotherapist meaning less time being taken off work which is a real bonus for me.

Since my first yoga class I felt a difference in my body (a really good light feeling) which I thought I must be imagining but it’s been there with me yoga session after yoga session.  I have tried different forms of exercise but have discovered my body responds best to yoga.  My mind is a lot happier and so is my body.”

Sharon Moore on Annabel Yoga for London Fire Brigade

Good Health is Good Business

Increasing rates of ill-health are expensive for employers.  The CBI estimates 130 million sick days last year cost the UK economy £14bn.  

In the current economic climate, more and more companies acknowledge the business sense of investing in the health and well-being of their workforce:

Healthier staff  -  Less time lost

Improved motivation  -  More productivity

Better bottom-line

Yoga at Work

Bring Yoga Into Your Company

•  Regular sessions in the workplace

Within conferences, trainings & workshops

•  For Health and Wellness Week

The CBI 'Absence and workplace health survey 2013' states that "while minor illnesses among employees are unavoidable, the role played by back pain, musculoskeletal disorders and mental health problems in contributing to short-term absence points to the scope for initiatives to improve employee health and wellbeing. With these conditions, there is also the risk that short-term problems can all too easily turn into long-term absence."

"I'd never done instructor led yoga until Annabel's lunchtime classes during lockdown 3 and I'd struggled to feel the benefit I knew yoga could give me. Enter Annabel and all that changed. She has revolutionised my life; I stand taller, walk better, feel better and smile more. To be able to teach on video, 80+ people each session, and make a difference to even one of those 80+ people is a real testament to her understanding of yoga and how to teach it. I am now totally hooked on yoga and have already found Annabel in YouTube and by her website. Thank you Annabel."

Claire Wessels, CGI

"Annabel tailored her yoga sessions for the staff at Cluttons, which was received very well by all who attended. I received lots of positive comments. The online sessions enabled more staff to join and the targeted neck and back exercises helped us all, who are spending a long time sitting in front of a screen during this pandemic. Thank you for getting us all moving a bit more and waking our bodies up. Holding a series of yoga sessions as part of Cluttons 'wellness for staff' initiative has made a positive difference."

Philip Booth, Cluttons

"Annabel's yoga is a great stressbuster at the end of a busy day.  Stretches are personally focused within the class to ensure that our individual needs are met. If a stretch seems too challenging, alternatives are readily available to achieve the desired result or, if not challenging enough, a slight adjustment successfully increases the desired intensity. After a yoga session, the body is relaxed and feels balanced; the mind is calm and clear of busy thoughts and worries. I leave the class feeling as if I am walking on air."  Brenda, KBR