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Yoga Classes

Cost of Group Classes

£15 drop in 

£45 for 4 classes to be used within 4 consecutive weeks

£150 for 15 sessions to be used within 15 consecutive weeks.

Sessions can be used at any of my group yoga classes.

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“Annabel's yoga class leaves me feeling very calm and relaxed.  I find yoga gives me a sense of physical and mental well-being and is an excellent way to help deal with stress.”

Judith Taylor

"I leave the classes feeling renewed having received all that I needed and what I did not know I needed."

Sonia Brown

How to join  

Fill in a health questionnaire if you are new to me or haven't been to my classes for a long time.

Decide which class you wish to attend and email me to let me know. If you are new to me you will receive payment details in your confirmation.

Turn up to class with a yoga mat (if you have one, if not a blanket or towel will do), water, a blanket for relaxation and anything else you might need to make you comfortable.

For yoga in the park:

We meet at Queen's Park, Caterham - subject to weather.  Give me your mobile number so you can receive my Friday notifications for Saturday park yoga.

For online classes:

Click on the link to get the login details for each class.

For private yoga:

Contact me for details.

Annabel Yoga classes are all suitable for beginners as well as more experienced yogis of all ages and abilities. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own level.


"Annabel's yoga classes were recommended to me a while ago but due to work and commuting etc, I struggled to get into a routine. Lockdown has been a revelation as Annabel's zoom classes have meant that I have been able to do classes on a weekly basis. I had been sceptical as to how she could accommodate all abilities within a class, but she manages it seamlessly.

Though I regard myself as a beginner, I never feel out of my depth. Annabel's teaching style is very clear. She goes out of her way to make sure that everyone benefits from the classes and has a very nice way of saying when someone is not quite doing a pose properly!

I have found that the classes help my sleep, flexibility and lower back. One of my cats also enjoys the classes and invariably sits on me for part of them!!"

Rebecca Brown




Outdoor Yoga

These classes started during lockdown and are here to stay, despite the British weather. I polled my students about taking this class into a hall (Sept'22) and they voted overwhelmingly to stay outdoors.

Join us for one session and experience the joy of yoga in nature for yourself.

Those who had worried they'd feel too self conscious, have found that once the yoga class started they barely noticed anything outside the yoga class. There is so much going on in the park that people rarely give us a second glance.  So come on. Don't be shy. Give outdoor yoga a try. It's glorious.

Zoom Forever

Zoom was the other gift of lockdown. Some of my classes will now remain on Zoom indefinitely.


Class Schedule

In-Person Yoga in Caterham

Tuesdays 8pm-9:30pm,

Soper Hall, CR3 6HY

Thursdays 9:30am-11am,

Queen's Park Pavilion, CR3 5RB

Saturdays 9:30am-11am,

Outdoors in the Park, CR3 5RB

Yoga on Zoom

Tuesdays 9:30am-11am

Tuesdays 5:30pm-7pm

Thursdays 8pm-9:30pm

Private Yoga Sessions

Available via Zoom or in person.

Yoga break over Christmas from 22nd Dec - 8th Jan

I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy & Healthy 2024!